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Friday, August 10, 2007

Webisode 11: Food Rules - prepare and store food safely

It may seem obvious to keep your kitchen clean – but how clean is safe? How many different cutting boards should you have? Can you use meat on the day of last sale? Should you let your kids lick batter that has raw eggs? What’s the safest way to defrost food?

Some obvious and some not so obvious food hazards are discussed by Senior Clinical Nutritionist for Mass General Hospital, Stacey Nelson, MS, RD, LDN. Stacey, who is co-author of the book “You and Your Baby: Healthy Eating During Pregnancy,” uncovers some facts and fiction about food safety.

Sponsored By: Healthy Eating During Pregnancy

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Webisode 10: The Super Parent Trap

The pressure to be a perfect parent is more overwhelming than ever before. Parents want to ensure their children are healthy, safe, educated and well-rounded. While children can easily be over-programmed, so can the parents - resulting in exhaustion, stress, and even feelings of resentment and depression. Nationally respected parenting expert Dr. Maureen O’Brien discusses how to avoid falling into the Parent Trap by looking for early warning signs and what to do if it's already happening. Dr. O’Brien is the founder of, as well as the author of “Watch Me Grow I'm 1-2-3” books, and a parent magazine consultant. She is the mother of 13-year-old twins.

Sponsored by: Let's Get Ready for Kindergarten